My name is Edwin Pijpe EMFC. Living in Noordwijk, the Netherlands. With over 25 years of experience in the areas of Finance, Management Control, Risk Management and Auditing I offer a wide variety of services and products tailored to your company needs.


My experience is mainly in the petrochemical and oil / gas industry, steelindustry and railmanagement. As well as in public services like the Ministry of Infrastructure and Environment. My full resume can be find here.


My areas of expertise are:

  • Risk Management;
  • Auditing;
  • Finance;
  • Fraud Prevention and Detection;
  • Quality Management

I also provide training and worskhops in the area of Risk- and Assurance management.


I am available for interim- or projectmanagement roles and flexible wih regards to location and travel distance.


Please contact me for more information.